Celebrate 40 years of Luton International Carnival!

We hope that you will join us this year as we Celebrate 40 years of Luton International Carnival!

With NRP you will have a uniquely memorable and amazing experience.  Our Mas Band is open to all people, of all ages and backgrounds.

There are many ways to participate:- Costume Wearer, Costume Design and Build, Marshal, Flag Bearer, Float Decoration or the LIC 40th Anniversary Carnival Exhibition. 

The Mas Band is part of NRP’s Darkness Makes Sense… In The Light” programme. “Darkness Makes Sense” and “In The Light” are healing arts programmes that work in tandem with our A.V.S. Programme and encourages abuse victims to participate in various art forms as a means of recovery.

For more details visit the AVS Website

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carnival 2016

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