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Volunteer Charter

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Thank you for your interest in being a volunteer with NINE RED Presents… (CIC) Winner of the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service (QAVS) 2016.


About NRP

First let me tell you a little about ourselves.  NINE RED Presents… (CIC) is a Queen’s Award Winning, volunteer led, non-profit community interest company, that responds to the needs of our local community to bring about social change and have a positive social impact on the lives of socially disadvantaged groups; particularly, individuals effected by domestic/sexual abuse, mild to moderate mental health conditions and cultural deprivation (BME groups).  This is achieved by running community projects providing skill attainment, education, artistic pursuits and counselling. We have been operating in Bedfordshire for almost 15 years and our projects and services are underpinned by our ethos “That each individual in society, irrespective of race, ethnic origin, gender, marital or parental status, sexual orientation, creed, disability, age, religion or political belief has the right to be and to achieve all they want in their lives.

Volunteering Recruitment Procedure.

We are open to all people of all skills and abilities, everyone has something that can be of service to others, we have volunteers, who are autistic, have learning difficulties, mild to moderate mental health issues, physical and invisible disabilities.

Everyone who wants to help and be helped through volunteering has a place with us.  If you would like more information on Volunteering with us, we can be reached using any of the following methods and more information is available on our website; www.nineredpresents.org.uk  Find us on Twitter or Facebook or Email avs@artundefined.co.uk Text 07881705719 or Call 01582 752 842 or complete the form below.

We will arrange an informal interview to match your skills, talent and needs to the opportunities within the organisation and arrange training where required.  We hope you enjoy you time volunteering with us and we look forward to working with you.


Meeting volunteers needs.


Our Promise to you:-

  • Friendly, efficient initial response
  • Informal but efficient interview process
  • Individualised matching to opportunities
  • Volunteer role descriptions and charter
  • Vetting and other delays fully explained
  • Referral to other opportunities/organisations
  • Orientation to the organisation and its personnel
  • Clear explanations of policies and procedures
  • Clear explanation of expenses system
  • Informal and friendly style
  • Taster sessions and shadowing
  • An up to date induction pack
  • Useful, appropriate, convenient initial training
  • Indication of future training opportunities
  • Reward opportunities


We are proud to offer our volunteers:-

  • Useful, appropriate, convenient ongoing training
  • Reward opportunities on offer
  • Well-organised volunteer systems
  • Efficiency combined with informality
  • Flexibility to accommodate other commitments
  • Respect for cultural or age-related concerns
  • Development of volunteers as managers
  • Pro-volunteering culture in organisation
  • Staff training at managerial and operational levels
  • An inclusive ethos without discrimination
  • Volunteers help shape organisational culture
  • Ensuring organisational capacity to consult and respond to volunteers
  • Personal line of support for every volunteer
  • Light-touch supervision
  • Clear and regular reimbursement of expenses
  • Conveying appreciation and value
  • Facilitating volunteer socials and peer support
  • Efficient systems for monitoring and progression
  • An entirely non-exploitative approach to volunteers
  • Referrals, networks and databases that enable geographical transfer
  • Allowing changes of role and degree of commitment within the organisation


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