Afternoon Tea @ Our Candle Shop

Nothing smells better than a fresh cup of coffee. This absolutely adorable candle looks just like a real cup of cappuccino, complete with whipped cream and sprinkles. It comes set in a cute ceramic cup atop a matching saucer. This fun and fantastic candle will be enjoyed the moment it is open, and for some time to come. The amazing scent of fresh cappuccino will fill the room and even tea lovers will be tempted to indulge! Be sure you let unassuming guests know that it is a candle, because at first glance, you would swear it’s the real deal!Made with real filter coffee

Treat yourself and enjoy Afternoon Tea!

Tradition, elegance, style, luxury and relaxation are all synonymous with the very English tradition of Afternoon Tea. There’s nothing quite like a good cup of tea – whether it’s enjoyed in the afternoon with cakes or sipped outdoors while admiring the county’s stunning natural beauty.

We cannot promise you rolling hills, but we can inspire your imagination with our stunning collection of Afternoon Tea Candles.

We have English Breakfast Tea Candle, Cafe Latte Candle, Cappuccino Candle, Choco Mocha Ice Cream Sundae Candle, Milk and Cookie Candle, Cupcake Candle and Fruit Trifle Candle.

They can be purchased from the products tab on our like page  NINE RED Presents (CIC) Or from our gift shop.  Or you can just browse our menu below.

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