AVS Counsellor Training School

NINE RED Presents… (CIC)’s AVS Project is pleased to let you know about the Counsellor training school. 

This 12 week course, designed and ran by survivors of abuse, aims to enhance and re-enforce the skills of Counsellors, Trainee Counsellors and Befrienders with working with this client group.

Using role play, interactive discussion,  scenario observation and paper based worksheets, the course teaches techniques to encourage clients to build a brighter safer future for themselves and those around them.


Overview of the subjects covered:

Module 1 I Introductions and Overview

Module 2 What Is AVS “In The Light” Support/Counseling?

Module 3 Realities of Domestic/ Sexual Violence and Rape

Module 4 Psychology of Rape

Module 5 Impact of Sexual Assault.  Possible Indicators of Domestic and Sexual violence: Physical, Emotional and Behavioral Impact.  Individual factors which affect the response to rape: Gender, Age, Culture, physical disability, Sexuality, developmental disability (e.g., a very low IQ). mental illness.

Module 6 Health Professionals and Referral services.

Module 7 Recovery Education and Skills Training

Module 8 Compassion Fatigue and Self-Care

Module 9 Core Issues. Shame, Anger, Powerlessness, Betrayal, Letting Go.

Module 10: Overcoming Abuse, Overcoming Anger, Overcoming Social Phobia, Overcoming Anxiety, Overcoming Depression, Overcoming Trauma

Module 11 Safe work Practices


The course starts in:

September and runs for 12 weeks 6pm to 9pm and will be held in Sundon Park. 

If you require any more information regarding the course, or would like to book a place, please contact avs@artundefined.com  or 01582 752 842

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