AVS Vision, Values & Goals

Vision, Values and Goals

Our Vision

The AVS vision is of a society where everyone has access to a holistic package of emotional, practical and where required, legal support to enable them to meet their needs in dealing with domestic violence, sexual abuse and rape; whether that is something that’s happening now or has happened in the past.

Our Values

We value:

  •  Supporting our clients to understand themselves and their situation, identifying and responding to their needs.
  • Meeting our obligations and delivering our service.
  • Caring for the emotional and physical well-being of clients, staff and volunteers
  • The commitment and contribution of our staff and volunteers
  • Equality of opportunity, diversity, honesty, fairness, openness and integrity in all that we do
  • Making the best use of our resources.

Our Goals

Working with and for clients and their families to meet their needs, we will develop and improve our current services; research and identify the changing needs of our clients; and promote good practice in meeting such needs.

In order to achieve these aims we have set three specific strategic goals:

  • To develop and improve our current services while ensuring they continue to meet client needs
  • To raise community awareness of the damage that domestic violence, sexual abuse and rape can cause to a person and their families.
  • To explore opportunities for supporting the creation of similar services to victims and families in other  areas while retaining the ethos of the Abuse Victims Support.

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