What Drives Us

NINE RED Presents…(CIC) was born in a place where people of different backgrounds, cultures, religions and nationalities; worked together and played together, where fun and fellowship were the focal point.


“At the edge of a high street, by a bridge with a ball, there is a place on earth, where numbers fall….” Naz Knight


Debra Knight the CEO of NINE RED Presents (NRP)…(CIC) started a social enterprise in 2001, following being a victim of domestic violence and rape.  Debra, suffering severe social phobia, depression and anxiety was unable to work outside of the house.  She used spoken word, dance and digital art to work through the issues that she was left with.


Her performances and art gained popularity.  As a result,Debra was approached by others who wished for her help in using art as a means to cope and heal. This is how the philosophy behind NINE RED Presents…(CIC)  was conceived.   Looking back, Debra has stated that Nine Red began with a simple statement; having heard about the abuse Debra had endured she was asked.

“What do you do after something like that happens?” She smiled, laughed and said “Get a job in a casino!”


Gordon Davis the MD of NINE RED Presents…(CIC) is a DJ and Gaming Supervisor in a Casino.  Debra met Gordon in the casino in 2002.  It was there that Nine Red Presents…(CIC)  was born, in August 2003 after the DJ and Poet had a jamming session and decided to collaborate on creating an art form that fused a DJ mix with Spoken Word.

Naz & Silk

This resulted in NRP’s first theatre performance “Earth Rise” in 2006.  This play blended cultures and art forms to create unique cultural fusions.  Consisting of art forms and artists from across the globe.  It is from this initial collaboration that NRP’s ‘Diverse Britain Project’ was developed.


In the years since its birth, Nine Red has many accomplishments and is currently running 6 multi-tiered community projects.  

Our amazing company won the The Queens’ Award for Voluntary Service (QAVS) 2016. Luton’s Best Award “Most Outstanding Citizen 2014” Signpost Award “Exceptional Contribution” 2014. Exmouth Illuminated Carnival 2014  —3rd Place. Northampton Carnival 2014—3rd Place, “Exceptional Achievement” Luton Volunteer Awards 2014, “Beating the Odds” National Mixed Blessings Award 2014, High Sheriff of Bedfordshire Citizenship Award 2013, LIC “Best on da Road” 3rd Place Youth, Overall Winner of the Winners 2012,Community Art Award Winner 2012.


In January 2013 Nine Red won an award from The High Sheriff of Bedfordshire Jack Sapsworth MBE, in recognition of great and valuable services in the community; specifically for our commitment to run a community art and culture festival on Leagrave common. Designed and ran by victims of abuse the festival ran for five years.  It provided a way for the community to get together and celebrate themselves, their talent and their culture.  The festival has encouraged community cohesion, tightened the bonds within the community.   Providing a significant opportunity for victims of abuse to bring visible and direct focal manner, public attention to their cause.


NRP was incorporated in 2006 as a community interest company.  Our two main multi-tiered community projects are Abuse Victims Support (AVS) and Diverse Britain.  These projects are funded by income from our four commercial projects which provide low cost quality art performance and event based services to the local community. Find out more about our projects at our dedicated website www.darknessmakessense.com.